About Us

Founded in 1990, by five young Engineers, Cad Cam Iran is now one of the leading providers of advanced engineering solution to the market. We started the company with the mission of introducing CAE solutions and services to Engineering, Consultancy and Construction companies in Iran. The Company made notable references in the market up to the year 2000. Based on a detailed market study carried out in 1998 and in the light of the booming market of Oil and Gas projects during that period in Iran, we focused gradually on this market especially on the Geosciences Software for exploration and production and restructured the organization.
We have always tried to differentiate from the market by introducing special and innovative solutions to the local market with the help and support of our international counterpart from well-known international companies. We can proudly announce some of our successes:
• We set up the FIRST private sector Seismic Processing Center established in 2001 with help and support of Paradigm Geophysical. We also provided a complete suite of Paradigm Geophysical software to the local market before the US sanctions against Iran. Nowadays we are continuing our seismic processing and interpretation services in upstream and exploration projects, in Iran.
• We own the SOLE tape transcription service center in the country with day to day activities for organizing, re-encapsulating, repairing, and analyzing valuable seismic data assets copying data from tape to disk, tape to tape, disk to tape, or disk to disk provides the user with a huge variety of options to restructure a data library.
• We have set up the FIRST Virtual Reality Center (VRC) in the country for Oil and Gas upstream data visualization for NIOC exploration directorate .
• We have set up the FIRST Virtual Reality Center (VRC) in the country for automotive industries for AIRIC (Automotive Industries Research &Innovation Center of SAIPA)
•Currently, we are representing Western software producers in different sectors of the market like Oil and Gas and Firefighting.
Our strategy has been always in place to build up a constructive relationship between high profile international companies and local market needs in the country and to develop our services based on our highly skilled and motivated staffs by providing innovative technological solutions.
The demerging restructuring of the company in 1998 has also given us the opportunity of establishing a new organization, Tejarat Danapayeh to focus on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical downstream market.
These days, CadCam Iran with a group of affiliated companies, Tejarat Dana Payeh, Artemis Dana Payeh, Nejat Imen Dana Payeh and Foodan Danapayeh are forming the Dana Payeh Group.