safety and security training

Incident response is one of the most crucial aspects of firefighting job in fire and rescue. Having the ability to take the best decision during the response would be the most important element of the personnel responsibilities.
To make the team ready for any incident as fast as possible, many hours of education and training is crucial for response teams. XVR has developed a 3D virtual training platform for instructors in fire bridges to simulate different real life scenarios in this software for training the team and finally the assessment needed to evaluate the team during these scenarios.
XVR Simulation has introduced three different products to the market for different purposes from incident itself to many details that needs to be managed after during and after the incidents.
XVR on scene:
Provides the 3D overview of the scenarios for the instructor. He/She can monitor every movement by the participants and has the ability to communicate with them as well. Using general means of control instruments like Joy steak or Keyboard, participants can walk, drive or fly in the simulated scenario.
XVR Resource Management:
XVR Resource Management is a simulator specially developed for practicing the logistic aspects of contingency planning across the entire emergency services chain.
XVR Media Crisis:
Controlling the media during the crisis has a significant importance. With this module, they are able to provide some training on how to control the social media, providing the necessary information to the public through official channels and new agencies.