International Partners

RISC is an independent oil and gas consultancy firm. We have been working in partnership with companies for over 20 years,supporting
their interests in the oil and gas industry and offering a broad and innovative perspective on oil and gas projects around the world.
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Geoterics Cognitive Interpretation software enables you to de-risk your seismic interpretation by closing the loop between the geological
model and the original data.
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With its roots firmly attached in geoscience academics, ENRES International was founded in 1987. The company originated from the insight that an innovative, objective approach in well log correlation was essential to improve stratigraphic models. This led to the development of INPEFA®, a data driven method for well log correlation.

Today, ENRES International has grown into a globally active independent software vendor and petroleum consultant. With our software products and services, we focus on solving the stratigraphic challenges that our clients are facing.

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XVR Simulation’s mission is to increase the knowledge and expertise of these professionals resulting in a better preparation for incidents
and disasters. All XVR products are designed to create flexible, reliable & user-friendly simulation tools where learning is key
and the instructor is in control.

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