Automotive Industries

Human-machine interface has been developed to a point where widespread adoption of touchscreen and virtual reality allow for more native interaction between physical and digital worlds. The use of virtual reality and analytics to optimize the flow of materials and movable assets in a way that
prototyping in VR helps designers bring the right vehicle to market faster.
The use of VR allows designers and engineers to see, assess, and modify a considerable number of variants. The virtual data is displayed on a monitor,
a large projection screen, or Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) which is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors
are directed to multiple walls of a room-sized cube.

Users when wearing 3D glasses become completely immersed in the computer-generated graphics of the exterior and interior of a vehicle.
They can then evaluate different aspect of their design from body design to placement of controls and to design quality,
such as gaps, fits, and finishes and even colors.CadCam Iran has built up with is counterpart the first and the sole Virtual Reality Center in the Automotive industries in AIRC (Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center) of SAIPA (Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile)