Oil and Gas

VR has extremely used a vast range of visualization tools that can be used by geoscientists, engineers, and other asset teams to enhance and speed up oil and gas exploration, drilling, and production. New emerging VR Centers (VRC) can be customized into fit-for-purpose solutions offering operational integration
for all asset teams from the rig to the office, and even from office to office.
A reasonable expectation is that a large-scale visualization capability integrated in a VRC reduces project costs and field errors at least by 20%. Return on investment has typically been shown to be less than one year.
Very powerful large-scale 3D collaborative viewing rooms (VRC) provide a fully immersive space completely surrounding the interpreters with their data
and show large amounts of data – typically over Mega pixels – on large or curved screens at the same time. The facilities allow multi-disciplinary teams to effectively visualize and evaluate geophysical data for Oil and Gas E&P in 3D. CadCam Iran has been the pioneer of the Iranian market to build up the first
and the sole Virtual Reality Center for NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) located in NIOC Exploration Directorate