safety and security

VR is professional tool for education, training and assessment of safety and security as any type of accident or disaster scenario can be simulated without being necessary to be created in the Real world. This special use of computer gaming technology is also known as Serious Gaming. Students assesse the incident, communicates with other team member and make appropriate decisions for further or even collaborative assistance. The consequences of each decision become virtually visible in the virtual world and require new decisions. Since every dangerous situation can be simulated, the safe virtual exercises are very suitable to train deployment procedures, to plan incident management strategies and increase focus on the (personal) safety of incident response professionals. Reputability of each scenario is another aspect of the technology which minimizes the costs of training.
Virtual Reality (VR) for Safety and Security is the technique of simulating a three dimensional world using computer technology. The computer is used to create a virtual 3D scenario of, for example, a highway, a tunnel, an industrial site or a city center using a series of 3D objects (e.g. vehicles, houses, trees, human beings etc.). Using a joystick you can move a camera through this 3D scenario, which will give you the feeling that you are part of the scene. In this virtual world you can walk, drive or fly around, open doors, enter buildings and have a look in and under all kinds of objects. CadCam Iran represents XVR Simulation B.V in Iran. All XVR products are developed by XVR Simulation BV. XVR is virtual reality training software for education, training and assessment of incident response safety professionals, such as police, fire and medical services.